Are Pregnant Women Allowed to Eat Meringue?

Can You Still Eat Meringue While Pregnant?

You can’t be pregnant and not have cravings for sweet treats. And when it comes to desserts, nothing’s better than a good, old chocolate meringue that you can enjoy on its own or with other confections. However, some people would say that pregnant women shouldn’t be eating meringue because it may pose risks for salmonella infection, which is very dangerous during pregnancy. Here, we’ll find out if you can enjoy your favorite meringue while pregnant.

Is meringue safe to eat for pregnant women?

Meringue is traditionally made with raw egg whites and sugar, and we already know that raw egg may contain salmonella that may cause listeriosis. Although studies have shown that salmonella is usually found in the egg yolk, you still can’t risk eating raw egg whites and put you and your baby in danger for a salmonella infection.

But if you still want to eat your favorite chocolate meringue safely while you’re pregnant, you just need to make sure that it is cooked well because the cooking process will kill the bacteria completely. And to be safer, you always have the option to just shop for cooked or baked vanilla meringue cookies, chocolate chip meringue cookies or just your ordinary chocolate meringue that’s not only delicious but also very healthy and safe for you and your baby.

What are the risks of eating raw meringue during pregnancy?

According to the FDA, pregnant women should avoid eating raw meringue or any other food with raw eggs in them at all costs to avoid the chances of getting listeriosis, which is a very dangerous medical condition caused by Listeria monocytogenes. You also run the risk of contracting salmonella, which may lead to bacteremia or bacteria in the blood that can be fatal to pregnant women.

Some of the signs and symptoms of salmonella infection in pregnant women include nausea and vomiting, muscle pain, fever, and chills. So, if you ate raw meringue and you start to feel these signs and symptoms, make sure to get checked right away to address the problem before it gets worse. Of course, you can avoid the hassle altogether by making sure that you’re only eating fully cooked meringue. Those prebaked ones, or meringue cookies that you can buy online or in stores are always your best options.

How can you stay healthy during pregnancy?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite treats every now and then while you’re pregnant, it’s also very important to balance things out by making sure that you also live a healthy lifestyle. Aside from eating healthy foods that will nourish you and your baby, you also need to drink lots of water for hydration and take your prenatal vitamins for added nutrition since you are not just taking care of yourself but also the little one growing in your tummy, who will get to enjoy from time to time some delicious chocolate meringue cookies.

And don’t forget to get your daily dose of exercise so you can treat yourself to a nice serving of vanilla meringue cookies later in the day without feeling any guilt. You deserve it, after all.

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